How to Enjoy Fine Dining in Canberra

Canberra is not only the capital of Australia. We dare to say that it is also the fine dining capital of the continent. With its diverse ingredients from local producers, the capital has attracted talented chefs to develop a unique fine dining experience. As a result, foodies from all around the country can choose a wide selection of upscale restaurants that offer honest to goodness Modern Australian cuisine.

As one of the best restaurants in Canberra, First Edition Canberra serves a variety of delectable dishes that can satisfy your fine dining cravings.

To help you experience a wonderful time, here’s how you can enjoy fine dining in Canberra

Fine dining in Canberra

Appreciate the culinary experience.

Many dishes from a fine dining menu use rare ingredients and specialised equipment, aside from the necessary skills and training to make them. These dishes will be hard to replicate at home. It would take hours just to prepare and may be too expensive, especially if you’re just cooking for yourself.

So next time you eat at a fine dining restaurant near you, appreciate the experience of being pampered like royalty. The chefs, hostesses and servers are all there to give you a memorable culinary experience.

Learn about the origin of the ingredients.

Fine dining restaurants strive to create a harmonious combination with various ingredients. You may find it interesting to know the chef’s reasoning on how they came up with the dishes they create. Beyond just the taste, the origins of the ingredients and the history behind the dish can add to your overall enjoyment.

For First Edition’s fine dining, Canberra’s local ingredients are featured prominently. We use seasonal ingredients so you may find menu changes from time to time. If you want to know more about the food you’re about to indulge with, feel free to ask our staff about it.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

If food is a performance, then the restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. From the lighting to the table setting to the ornaments, a great fine dining restaurant combines several elements to evoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

First Edition Restaurant takes you back in time with our Old World-inspired interior and woodwork. Our 180-seater establishment oozes with a sophisticated charm that we hope would make you feel at home.

Celebrate with family and friends.

Don’t get us wrong. You may enjoy fine dining even if you are alone. But unique experiences, especially culinary ones, are best shared with family and friends. Catch up with your loved ones as you enjoy good food and great ambience. A lot of fine dining restaurants also have family deals and activities that can make your lunch out or dinner dates more enjoyable.

Where can I find a Fine Dining Restaurant in Canberra City?

For the best fine dining experience in Canberra, visit us at First Edition Bar & Australian Restaurant Canberra. We are open every day. Breakfast buffet starts at 6:30 am, lunch at 11:00 am and dinner at 5:40 pm. For reservations, call +61 (0) 2 6245 5000 or visit our reservations page.

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