Where to Eat Lunch in Canberra CIty


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Delicious food. Pleasant ambience. Excellent service. These three ingredients make up for a great lunch experience. And if you want to experience the best lunch in Canberra, lucky you! We are saving you the effort of looking for a restaurant for your next lunch break. Come dine with us at First Edition Canberra.

Best Lunch in Canberra

Showcasing the best ingredients that Canberra has to offer, First Edition Canberra serves lunch-goers with the best contemporary Australian cuisine. Located on the first floor of Novotel Canberra, our 180-seater restaurant offers a welcoming ambience to everyone looking for a great lunch experience. Dine in an old world reading room inspired luxurious space that oozes character and charm. With floor-to-ceiling walls and decor of rich wood, our warm atmosphere will make your afternoon lunch even more delectable.

Our Lunch Menu

Our executive chef Jennie Tressler and her team of talented kitchen staff have created a lunch menu based on Canberra’s local produce. Our menu changes with the seasons to showcase the best local produce available. Thus, your lunch experience today may be different from a past lunch. Canberra city produces a vast array of ingredients and we are dedicated to creating dishes that pay respect to those who farm it.

To give you a taste of what a First Edition Lunch looks like, here’s a quick lunch course that you can get when you visit us.

Canberra’s Tableland Tour Board for Two

Do you think you know Canberra? Feast upon this small share plate for two featuring choice ingredients from the capital’s tablelands. In it, you will explore the rural charms and relish the country’s tranquillity all on one plate.

First, you will find a selection of choice cheeses from the historic village of Tilba. These specialty handmade cheeses are produced from the milk of their beautiful Jersey herd and are a delightful treat for cheese lovers.

Next is a trio of Balzanelli meats including Speck (boned pork leg cured in salt and spices and intermittently smoked for several months), Cacciatore (Italian style dry sausages with a distinct, delicious flavour) and Bresaola (salted and air-dried beef that has been aged to its characteristic deep red colour).

Finally, end your tour with olives from the Fedra Olive Grove and the classic Bush dukkah made from Australian Bush spices.

Fettuccine Con Salsiccia e Pomodoro

For your entree, we recommend our take on this Italian classic. Fettuccine Con Salsiccia e Pomodoro means sausage and tomato fettuccine. Fresh fettuccine pasta that was boiled al dente is mixed with slow-cooked pork sausage and spices carefully mixed in a tomato sugo. This may be a simple dish, but its rich taste will make it one of your favourites.

Chef Seans Sichuan Tea Smoked Duck

For your main dish, we would like you to taste this traditional Sichuan dish with an Australian twist. Duck that has been smoked with a mix of sugar, rice, and tea leaves is glazed with plum and tamarind sauce. It is then placed in a bed of mixed greens tossed in ginger infused soy. The use of tea leaves to smoke the meat gives a tasteful experience to your palate.


Finally, we recommend you end your lunch with this flowery treat made up of blueberry panna cotta, vanilla berry coulis, drunk grapes, lemon aspen and, of course, the crystallized viola flower. Plus, you will be donating $2 to the AccorHotels Community Fund if you indulge in any of our desserts.

Get the lunch that you deserve with First Edition Modern Australian Restaurant Canberra. All day dining available every day (including Sunday lunch and dinner) from 11:00 am. For lunch reservations, contact us on +61 (0) 2 6245 5000.