Canberra Nightlife - Visit One of the Best Cocktail Bars in the Australian Capital


Friday Night Promo

Celebrate with 5 of your friends and we’ll give you FREE complimentary drink vouchers and VIP seating.

Enjoy a great drink from one of the top cocktail bars Canberra has to offer. First Edition Canberra offers a unique collection of curated drinks featuring flavours from Canberra and all over the world. Our collection includes the finest local and European wines, spirits and specially crafted cocktails. Try our Cocktail menu today, visit Level 1, 65 Northbourne Ave, Canberra, ACT 2601.

Canberra Friday Nightlife

Enjoying a drink at a cocktail bar is one of the best ways to spend a Friday night in Canberra. Great conversations are even more enjoyable when done over Friday drinks. Canberra has a growing diverse cocktail bar scene and First Edition Canberra is proud to be a part of it.

First Edition Canberra offers a little something for everyone. Choose from a selection of tap beers reminiscent of tap houses and local Canberra distilleries. Local and European champagnes and sparkling are also available for your enjoyment. Finally, our talented bartenders have crafted special cocktails that will guarantee a successful night out.

What are must-try cocktails in Canberra City?

If you are not sure which drink to pick from our cocktail menu, here is a list of our recommended cocktail drinks that you need to try.

  1. The First Impression - our take on the fabled Canberra gin with a First Edition twist. In partnership with The Canberra Distillery, we have created the perfect gin with hints of juniper, coriander, cinnamon and sage. It is served with passion fruit ice and clapped basil.

  2. Espresso Martini - Our espresso martini is made with fresh espresso shaken (not stirred) with vodka, Kahlua and a sprinkle of sugar to sweeten the deal.

  3. Sour - if you feel like choosing for yourself, try this cocktail! Our bartenders will mix a spirit of your choice with fresh lemon juice and a touch of egg white. This drink is shaken and served over ice topped with a pair of cherries.

  4. Long Island Iced Tea - if you are looking for a refreshing drink to start your night, choose our Long Island Iced Tea. This cocktail drink is a perfect combination of gin, vodka, tequila, Triple Sec and Bacardi mixed with cola and served over ice.

  5. Daiquiri - for a sweet cocktail treat, try our version of the classic daiquiri made with Bacardi, fresh lime juice and sugar blended with fresh strawberries.

Visit First Edition Canberra Bar and Restaurant

Hanging out with friends and enjoying the nightlife of the Canberra CBD? After a long week from work, it is time to enjoy Friday drinks at First Edition Canberra  Check out our creative cocktail menu and visit us at Level 1, 65 Northbourne Ave, Canberra, ACT 2601 or contact us on +61 (0) 2 6245 5000 for more information.