Family Restaurant in Canberra: Your Go-to Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Family restaurant in Canberra for kids and adults

After a nice weekend bonding time, it is necessary to look for good family restaurants. Canberra has a wide selection of restaurants with great food and great ambience. However, not all of them carry a child-friendly menu.

This makes dining out with the whole family quite a challenge. Not only should you find a restaurant that fits each member’s individual tastes, you also need to account for the price and the menu options for kids. Family-friendly restaurants that go out of their way to accommodate young children are a rare gem. (Related: Where to eat in Canberra with kids)

Looking for the best Canberra restaurant for your family? Look no further than First Edition Modern Australian Restaurant in Canberra City. We believe that a good family restaurant has an upbeat atmosphere with delicious food and fun family activities. We are committed to providing a delectable dish for every member of the family while showcasing the best ingredients that Canberra has to offer.

Are you looking for a Child-Friendly Menu in Canberra?

As veterans of the food industry, we know that children can be picky eaters. Many of our kitchen staff have children themselves so we know what it is like to eat out with children. First Edition offers a healthy, kid-friendly menu featuring seasonal ingredients from Canberra and its surrounds.

In our menu, you will find the right balance of kid-favourites, such as shoestring fries and chocolate desserts, and nutritious dishes including a write-your-own-adventure salad. We are committed to offering your family dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

An Inviting Ambiance For Your Family

From the moment your family enters First Edition Restaurant, our friendly staff will lead you to a table with enough room for you and your kids. We know that kids love to play around, even while eating. They will definitely enjoy our spacious restaurant inspired by old world reading rooms. Our large table will also give you enough room to put your child care kit (bottles, diapers, etc) if necessary.

Rest assured that our staff are trained to treat kids with the same respect as adults because kids are our customers too!

Fun Activities for Your Kids and the Whole Family

Along with offering a child-friendly menu and a welcoming environment, we also have fun activities in store for your family during special events. These events include picnics, games, and other fun-filled events. We regularly hold kid’s high tea activities on special days including Mother’s Day, Easter, and other family holidays. Make sure to check out our reservations page to book in advance.

For reservations and inquiries, contact us on +61 (0) 2 6245 5000.